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Attack on titan

Is Attack on titan unfinished? I thought it was the final season lmaoo wdf
The final season was split into 2 parts.
Make that 3 parts? I guess I watched 1 and 2 back to back.
I saw that it was three parts haha I thought if that's the case why not of just had season 5 haha
They need to just stop it now! XD it’s been awhile since I watched aot and haven’t even seen season 4 (I hate the show now sksksk)
You are missing out then while i admit the seasons have been kinda lacking. After the levi fight everything gets hyped af. The last season was literally badass. Its sucks studio WIT isnt in charge of animation anymore.
@hell_hound7 I admit it was weird to see different animations... my sister hates the way they look now. Idk if I’d say I missed anything though... I think I hate the way Eren is now is all XD
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