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25 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
Hammond, LA
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Jun 26, 22 at 9:12pm
Hello :v im down to be a good friend to you
I'm not quite sure what to write for introduction. But I'm 34 years old. Like obviously anime unlike the most ive grown up with "anime" since i was around 5 years old. I'm searching for a partner for the future (german or Asian). I wish i could say im easy-going. In my mind i am but it really depends on how somebody sees and views me. Some things that may be of interest is in my profile. If you may be interested feel free to sent or leave a message directly or at my profile.
Jun 23, 22 at 10:00am
haha what in the world
Make that 3 parts? I guess I watched 1 and 2 back to back.
Jun 23, 22 at 9:56am
wow xiang is reallly strong, Yunjin becomes a super good suport character once u get her cons and at lvl 70!
Jun 22, 22 at 12:51pm
Mine is Xianglung! C6 of her and 2nd is Yun Jin C4 of her.
Its almost more like we see more graphics, but less gameplay. but lets put ingame microtransactions in a game you paying full price for HAHA. Free to play games can do that!!!! not buy 2 play WDF
Jun 22, 22 at 12:40pm
I just got c6 gorou and ittos wpn OWO my damage is insane now, WHO IS UR STRONGEST CHARACTER