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Anime Expo 2022

Jun 17, 22 at 6:03pm
Who else is going to anime expo this year?
I want to go, but I need a group of people or friends to go with.
Wik @wik commented on Anime Expo 2022
Jun 18, 22 at 2:34am
I'm going. It's like a few blocks away from me!
Jun 30, 22 at 1:58am
I would have gone this year but haven’t planned on it, maybe next year.
I've never been to an Anime Expo before..But someday i'll will.
Jun 30, 22 at 3:44am
I wanted to go this year and then BS happened in my life ;-;
Jun 30, 22 at 8:50am
Personally I don't want to go, but someone in my life called my sister wants to but she can't drive. I have the money, but bah, all my experiences with this stuff sucked LOL. I will keep my promises. Ahhh the disadvantages of having your parents (and sister) live only a few counties away...
I want to go...Someday, but I live in the Midwest and I am broke.
Jul 02, 22 at 11:05am
Yeah I'm at the con again this year. I moved out of California so it was the first time I didn't drive to it. flying here makes it a bit more expensive, but all things considered I kinda needed a getaway anyway. Too bad the con is such a dud this year. It's been a bit of a struggle just trying to figuring out what to even do.
Wik @wik commented on Anime Expo 2022
Jul 02, 22 at 11:57pm
I went to anime expo today. It was crowded AF. Still, I enjoyed being back. It's been 2 years since the last time I was here. Also, look who I bumped into!
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