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Help me attend Kami-con 2022 anything helps.

https://gofund.me/049e3441 Short on funds which most likely will result on me not being able to attend this year con that i really wanted to go to. if you want to help but not donating. maybe consider sharing..? would help.
Probably not the best place to ask for something like that. Better off trying go fund me or something like that
You could always get a side job until the con and then quit.
@sobo275 Pretty sure that's what 90% of us would say on here. If you don't have the funds you don't have the funds simple as that
Ah, I remember back in my day kids had to have a part time job to get money
Hey guys, I'm going to Galaxycon 2022. Anyone got $50 I could have? I promise to have fun at the convention on your behalf if you do. - Also it'd be really cool if like ya'll could help me fund renovations on my wrap around deck. It's only 9k to rebuild it and I'll definitely send pictures of it once the work gets finished. Maybe I'll even invite you over to grill on it sometime? Wouldn't that be swell? Just chilling and grilling on my porch that you generously paid for. - Well anyway, be sure to forward your MoneyGrams to my new Wells Fargo account that some other generous person opened in my name to funnel thousands of fraudulent IRS dollars through. I know they'll appreciate it too.
This account has been suspended.
I'll handle the funds on his behalf to make sure he doesn't spend it on something dumb as hell. Just transfer it to my PayPal ;)
Try starting a only fans or if you're bold try escorting
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