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Hi looking to chat
Jacob @jacobl89 commented on hello
Nov 05, 21 at 1:45pm
Yo. Welcome to the site.
Welcome to The Hotel! You can check out anytime, but you can never leave.
Rain @rainx commented on hello
Nov 06, 21 at 10:22am
Same worthless scambot. Has created multiple accounts over the past several months. Always female 27 to 28 years old, a handful of idyllic and attractive pics, and the same format of their profile description ending in discord tag. The account will be around for a few days and then will create a new one. Don't waste your time friending or replying. A couple other examples: https://maiotaku.com/p/chubbybunny2/info "I like being silly. I like drawing in an audience and they do love me. I love making people happy. I love who I am and I love being what I want. It's good to get to know each other on a personal level little by littl.. I want hookups and serious inquiries. If we live far away from each other we roleplay or whatever to hold us over until our next fuck. Discord-keLyjak2#6697" https://maiotaku.com/p/tine_byrne/info "Everyday is Earth Day for me. It should be for everyone. We have to love our surroundings and take care of our habitat. I recycle, limit my meat, and grow my own little herb garden. I like comedies. Laughter is the best medicine. Psstttt I’m no virgin though, I can promise you that. I like role play yiff. I love to cosplay. It’s my life. I am looking for sexual partners. I am down with hooking up more than once and being fwb :) Add me: Discord- tinebyrne2021#5624 telegram- Tiny_Tine_By" Don't waste your time when you see this.
@rainx So you mean to say that the scambot is programmed only to receive visitors and nothing else? Then my Hotel California reference wasn't a miss, hehehe! Such a lovely place Such a lovely face They living it up in the Hotel California!
Nov 06, 21 at 6:53pm
Yeah i knew it was a bot after it immidiately wanted to videochat and did not respond after i said i did not wanna.
Nov 06, 21 at 7:27pm
Why are bots on this site?
Cause someone has to say hello and it sure wasn't gonna be me! I'm no hollaback gurl!
Nov 06, 21 at 7:44pm
So we overwork the creepy bots to save us from a posted hello. Sounds legit.
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