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Post Your Video Game Rage Moments

Oct 07, 21 at 7:54pm

Come here to vent, let it all out, or just amuse others with your intense moments of video game rage moments.

Oct 07, 21 at 8:07pm

@verucassault @jesper0

Last weekend Jesper, Veru, and I tried to take on the final plains boss in Valheim...

We decided to just yolo it. No guides, no strategy, just guts. It was a total shitshow. This dude regenerates his health constantly, nonstop. The attached screenshot is roughly 15 minutes into the battle. We were not only fighting him, but constantly spawning luxes, goblins, and mosquitos. Not only that, we were dying. Jesper was the first to die. I saw him get engulfed in flaming meteors, only a headstone left to mark where he once existed.

Veru, on the other hand, was getting chased around the whole area by a multitude of things. I was too busy fighting the constant stream of random enemy bullshit that kept coming at us. I went down second when I got slammed between a lux and a meteor shower.

Veru was the last one left and I could tell she was starting to seethe on the inside. She finally went down last, and she couldn't retreve her body because it was getting t-bagged by a horde of luxes that had freshly spawned in. At this point I was on my second death. I had spawned in the house just outside the boss area, but I found out it wasn't outside of the boss attack range. The very instant I spawned into this world I was emmolated standing on top of my bed as the roof collapsed around me.

I told Veru and Jesper the house was now in flames. Veru at this point has died for a third time trying to retrieve her body from the luxes. Now this is a rare gamer moment I saw happen. She rose her hand up and slammed it on the desk saying "Damn it!" and just quit out. It was a total disaster. We still haven't gone back to try and fight him yet. Our sprits are broken.


The only thing worse than losing my epic glowy bow over the edge the world is getting my ass handed to me by Skeletor.


Veru: I'm Done...
Valheim: Veru has left the game.



I got my weapons and armor back just to be decimated by Giant Torso God. We still haven't gone back to that place. He's still probably just twirling around, firing meteors to destroy the rest of his altar.

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