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English Dub Recommendations


Important Note: This isn't a thread to bash/hate on Dubs, so lets keep that sort of talk out of this thread.

Lately I've been getting back into anime, and mostly thats due to the help of Dubs, recently watched Baki & FMAB (again lol). I know that there is some sort of stigma that dubs are bad, but I don't care cause I don't believe in that Subs are the superior way to watch Anime. There are very amazing Dubs out there, even ones that rival or surpass the original Subs, and was wondering if I can get some recommendations. It also helps that I can listen and sorta multi-task at times rather than just have to focus 100% on reading the Subs.

Also I want to also state that I currently dont have a Crunchy Roll or Funimation account. I only have Netflix, Hulu & Amazon Prime (which my family uses too), so once I do fully get back into Anime, I plan to get one of those since I dont wanna pay for another service for now if I'm not that immersed in yet.

Side Note: Would appreciate if people recommended 1 Dub per post for the longevity of this thread (you can post many times as you like ofc)

Last Note: I'm not a Sub Purist, I want to make that clear, I believe there are good & bad to both Subs & Dubs.


Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.


Super Milk Chan they're 2 dubs.
Love the Adult swim version but the American localization is funny as heck lol.


Seraph of the end

Sep 29, 21 at 1:54am

Golden Boy
Cromartie High School


Oh man, do you like tiddies? Because I fell in love with Josh Grelle as a voice actor from his role in Freezing. At some point, it was on Hulu but I'm not sure if it is now. I think there were 2 or 3 seasons?


Theirs two seasons as well as some ova shorts (forget the actual name) I personally haven't watched it in a long time.
For myself I think the first series I heard Josh Grelle in was either Devil Is A Part Timer or Date A Live (two of my favourites)

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