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Favorite animals

May 20, 21 at 2:10pm

Honey Badger
Orcas/other Dolphins
And an honorary place for the Raptor, all species of raptors and by default some birds.

I do have complex reasons for some of these.
Feel free to ask but I better hear yours first.

What are yours?




... I'm not advocating for animals being pitted against each other, but I would like to know if a honey badger would fight a wolverine and if so who would win Oo

wolverines are vicious... but honey badgers don't give a fuck... sooooooo... who would win?


I've always wondered the same thing, they seem so similar


I'd say it depends, Wolverines are larger and vicious but Honey Badgers can fight for hours so depending on how long it goes determines the winner

May 20, 21 at 4:31pm

@verucassault, definitely a hard call but I am super confident that the Honey Badger would win for the followings reasons.
1. Although wolverines are aggressive they have clear limits to when they will back down from a fight. I think they will run long before they can kill the Honey Badger.
2. The loose and thick skin of the Honey Badger is very very difficult to deal with and at no point would the wolverine not be in danger of a counter attack.
3. Wolverines have been known to be killed by the American porcupine sometimes while the honey badger deals with the African porcupine at a higher success rate which is 3 times larger than the American one. This point is to illustrate the toughness difference in the two animals. However I will give something to the wolverine actually several points but the main thing is one had been found to kill a polar bear by latching onto its neck and suffocating it to death.

I could keep going but let's not, because I could also be wrong.

Ultimately I think it's a battle of attrition. I don't see either side having the tools necessary to kill the other quickly. So at that point it's a matter of who will back down first. This is why the wolverine will lose.

However it would still be an amazing matchup and I could be wrong.

Also I simp for honey badgers so I might be bias.


Wolverines are what happens when you breed weasels with foxes with demons.

May 20, 21 at 4:41pm

That is an amazing way to put it.
Also who else is aware of how evil Orcas are? Just curious


Or you know, Hugh Jackman and spandex.

May 20, 21 at 4:43pm

I am not gay, but that might do it for me.

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