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Most hype anime fight scenes

Mar 10, 21 at 10:23pm

What are your guys' favorite fight scenes? Cream of the crop. I was looking over some old anime clips and came across my favorite fight scene in an anime. I tell you, this fight scene gave me a huge anime boner. Naruto shippuden blew a huge amount of their budget for this masterful fight scene of Madara fighting an entire Shinobu army:

Mar 10, 21 at 11:27pm

Kenshin vs Shishio and Yusuke vs Sensui come to mind


Goku vs Jiren the first and final fight. I am not saying this for any other reason than, it broke the Internet and caused an international incident between Japan and Mexico.
Idk too many anime fights that can create an international incident, that's pretty fucking hype.

Mar 11, 21 at 9:11pm

I haven't seen the Goku vs. Jiren fight yet. Still on my anime backlog. I'm guessing that is an epic fight


It was more the hype when it got built up. It didn't quite live up to it in my opinion.


Itachi Vs Sasuke............I mean they literally foreshadowed it in the entire Naruto and half of shippuden. Its gotta be the most popular hyped anime fight


I hear Bleach has good ones. *cough cough* I'm steadily making my way through season 1 right now.


Naruto and Sasuke vs Momoshiki was good


I know someone will say it, Tanjirou vs Rui.
Archer vs Shirou

Mar 23, 21 at 5:17am

usopp vs kaido

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