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Arc and I are engaged

Just like in Blade Runner 2049 @siruboo It's ok. She's real to him. :P
Dec 10, 20 at 9:26pm
Gotta love siru. He really is a fixture of this place and I do mean that.
Dec 10, 20 at 10:24pm
@verucassault oh I like the first one. I like how in every wedding, the man and woman preparations differ SO MUCH. For the Woman, Girl: I'm gonna wear this dress made by one of France's top wedding Dress designers and I'll have an Italian designer give me ideas in how to make it even better OH MY GOSH THIS IS GONNA BE THE BEST. Girl's friend: Yas girl you're gonna be the prettiest bride EVER. For the Man, *sees the first suit that's there* *tries it* Looks good. Friend1: looks good. Friend2: yeah looks good. Friend3: uh huh looks good. Man: Aight I'm buying it.
@amir_bahram lol Mostly. Arc has a couple of nice suits that are tailored to fit that would work but I think we going for like a fantasy like theme. He's wanting to put together a ranger-esque outfit. https://i.pinimg.com/564x/4a/20/8e/4a208e05dd0ee51797aa8e64c07d8344.jpg https://i.pinimg.com/564x/69/27/8a/69278a1249ecd55b37b779c38f66dfc5.jpg https://i.etsystatic.com/7633034/r/il/f4fe82/1030591084/il_794xN.1030591084_ceph.jpg
Really digging the just shoulder pad and leather belt look on the last mannequin. Arc should only wear that to the wedding haha! It looks like a nifty idea. Plus he will get more use out of those suits going to celtic fairs and conventions more so than the standard tux! Hope your wedding goes well. @verucassault
Dec 11, 20 at 8:47am
Ah that is so cool. Ranger Arc while on a quest to gather herbs from the Anglezark Forest, trips on a root and falls on his head which knocks him out. An Elf by the name of Veruca takes care him. He wakes up and the first thing that meets his eye is Veruca. They fall in love and get married. THIS IS SO WHOLESOME. https://i.ani.me/0287/6640/images-13.jpeg @liloreo me and you are gonna make a story on this.
https://media.giphy.com/media/kT7VY5eUanako/giphy.gif BET But I'm actually an introvert and prefer to work alone ...
Dec 11, 20 at 5:31pm
umm... congratz! XD
Dec 11, 20 at 5:52pm
Just remember, unless you plan on doing some fancy fantasy sex, those "costumes" are only going to be worn like once.... In other words, being frugal isn't always a bad thing.
Dec 11, 20 at 5:57pm
Thanks for your comments everyone! It took a whole week for me to catch up on my sleep but I read all the comments. While @verucassault is thinking about wedding dresses, I'm thinking about an archery contest and a motha fukkin choreographed sword fight right before the vows are said. Picture this. I'm wearing my custom made chainmail armor with a cape that has the insignia of my ancestors on the back. I give my best man my claymore to hold while I say my vows. The officiant will ask, "Does anybody have any objections?" "I DO!" shouts a masked rogue dressed in all black at the back of the ceremony. I turn to my best man. "Hand me my sword." The rogue dashes down the isle and then we clash in an epic choreographed sword fight. Of course. I kick his ass and then we finish the vows.
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