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Roleplay Thread

Tip: This thread isn't for roleplaying. Its to discuss things you enjoy in roleplayers and things that tick you off. Please keep this SFW. You can share your biggest grievances with types of roleplayers and things that really interest you. I've been getting back into roleplay so am curious what every roleplayer here thinks about type of roleplayers. If you don't roleplay, that's fair too. My least favorite roleplayers are the dry texters/people who can't take cues on the best direction of a roleplay. I'm sure both genders have this shit. Dry texters make you do all the work to please them. I've had quite a few really bad female roleplayers who sat there, writing one line replies with little substance. They typically ghost if you bring it up or once they've been "pleased". To be fair, some might be actually just bad at roleplaying. A few might be just bored/going through motions. I'm sure men do this too. Also, people who can't take cues and it causes the roleplay to get stagnant. It doesn't matters what type of roleplay you do. There are just some people who don't comprehend the flow of a roleplay and it causes severe stagnation. I think some people just get the cues. Some people just miss them, maybe from inexperience. People who get the cues are usually very good at writing. Thread is open to men/women. Any form of roleplaying allowed.
I have a pet peeve of roleplaying. -- Young Age man so I was talking to this person trying to outline our long-term story right and we kept aruging on the age of the sub. I wanted them to be "basically legal' (17) and she kept asking me to make him 15 or 16 and I kept stating that we've already done a teacher student, a step sibling, and even a best friends to lovers around those ages (and yeah it did get sexual) so i felt weird doing another since I was around that age at the time and it felt uncomfortable and apparently she couldn't read the signs....BUT SHE WAS SUCH A GOOD CASUAL RPER so I kinda stayed and endured it. I hate that people can't tell unsettledness if you talk about it for a long time. Also...signlas...it keeps going in a completely different direction than what I expect or want.
Oct 24, 22 at 9:24pm
I'm actually somewhat new to roleplay but every time I do a roleplay I feel like the other party is way too into it. Oh yeah at what point should I mention that we're roleplaying? Because every time I tell them it was roleplay they always take it the wrong way. ;-; plz halp
I play with my rolls.
Mm buttered rolls
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