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Nov 08, 20 at 3:50am

Who trying to be anime royalty


I got insulted there by people on LSD

Nov 08, 20 at 1:18pm

Patience is a virtue. You’ll soon find friends to cherish if you look in the right places at the right time.

neeto @neet_one commented on VRChat
Nov 11, 20 at 12:32am

I played for a bit, Mostly enjoyed exploring some of the environments in vr. Can't say I'm too crazy about interacting with other people on it though. hanging out with dudes pretending to be anime girls ain't my cup of tea.

Nov 11, 20 at 2:05pm

I have groups of friends who dress in Resident Evil soldiers and raid places. Nothing toxic, we just like bringing action to boring servers. Maybe you can join us one day.

neeto @neet_one commented on VRChat
Nov 18, 20 at 2:33am

Thanks for the invite but raids and roleplaying aren't really my thing.

Nov 28, 20 at 10:01am

I used to play, and even had a VR headset/hand controllers and made custom avatars... but I eventually quit because of harassment and too much misogyny and trolls and pedophiles/ephebophiles. x.x I get sick of seeing only anime little girl avatars all over.

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