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MO Presidential Debate 1 POD 1 (Aleph/Amir/Barky/Cero)


This is the official debate thread for MaiOtaku Presidency. Only the listed nominees may participate. No commentary from others, please.

Barky wins.

POLL: https://strawpoll.com/7gsua6qqb


Questions to be answered:

1. State your name and party.

2. How long have you been on MO?

3. What is your leadership experience prior to MO?

4. Name a MAXIMUM of 3 changes you would make.

5. How would you perform those changes?

6. In what ways does that differ from opponents?

7. Any new information that would be helpful to on the fence voters?


@alephy @cero @amir_bahram @wasistdas


It appears there is nobody interested in this debate. I'll leave the venue open for a couple days, however if no one participates, I will decide the outcome.


ill vote for the person that shows up to the debates

all others are pussies and pussies shouldn't be president



I identify as a pussy

That's so incredibly misogynistic of you

Are you misgendering me?


Why did you separate the debate into so many threads? To have less clutter? A lot of the nominees haven't even posted on the main one. What if I want to call out my waifu Ghost? His not in this debate pod. Like WTF?


i like the idea of a diff thread personally, makes things cleaner


I think all in one thread is cleaner. Otherwise you be looking for different pods in the forums. The nature of searching for threads isn't exactly the most efficient thing that this site does.


Sometimes you can find stuff if you googlie it well enough (boolean searching and what nots).


The goal is give everyone a chance to speak. Smaller circles allow for clearer trains of thought.


Once the first round of debates are over, the remaining parties will duke it out.


Besides, you will have your hands full I'm sure beating Cero.


Remember, he likes to be beaten hard. Just like old pa woulda' done, haha!

@alephy @cero


Getting fathers belt is just called having a smexy childhood

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