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Weird dreams

I had the weirdest dream this morning I was sleeping I think it means something about me overworking or something...but I was in bed and my boss was next to me (yes he was fully clothed this is not a wet dream) and he just goes "why aren't you at work " and I went "I'm sick in bed " and he just goes "your fired " then I woke up
I keep having dreams where Arc's dad walks in and starts talking about stocks. We could be taking a bath in my dream, he walks in, takes a seat and starts talking about stocks. I could be sleeping, he'll walk in and start talking about stocks. My last zombie dream wasn't even about the zombies, it was about Arc's dad taking a break to talk about stocks.... in the zombie apocalypse. He talks about stocks constantly and now it's to the point he's invading my dreams.
@verucassault I don't know, maybe it was real life. The strangest one I ever had was one that happened less than a year ago. I was rolling around what looked like the outskirts of LA in a golf cart and an AK-74M looking for somebody. Eventually I got bored and parked on a hill facing a concrete wall. Eventually I went into a house that was a replica of my old house and I went inside. Inside the house was just as I remembered it, so I went into the basement. Something was wrong with the wall so I punched it. This split the wall in half and it revealed a secret passage. I go inside and it leads deeper and deeper until I found myself in this place that reminded me of the place in the Mortal Kombat movie where Johnny Cage fought Scorpion. I decided to go back to my golf cart since this was too much. On my way back I could sense there was some sort of monster behind me. I was ready for some ooga-booga moment so I was going through with the AK aimed down the halls and corridors while I moved backwards toward the exit. The floor breaks out from underneath me and I ended up in front of my golf cart once again. Never did see the monster and I sped off like nothing ever happened.
Arc told me I was talking in my sleep. I apparantly said "uh-uh" .... which to me sounds like a big fucking nope to a conversation about stocks.
Arc @arc commented on Weird dreams
May 17, 21 at 10:03pm
Whenever my dad calls now veru gives me this look. She knows that it's my dad and she knows it's about stocks lol
Had dreams where I was 45 married with 3 daughters. I was the cheesy do everything to make my daughter's happy dad. I apparently married a red head because two of the three daughters had red hair. Uhh besides that I was really happy in the dream. Then I woke up sad it ended. This was a hyper realistic dream with true things within it like my family being there to where I remember exactly what we all did and who was there. Happened months ago. But timeline doesn't line up because my oldest daughter will have to be born in less than three years. Doubt that will happen but who knows.
Sep 15, 21 at 8:27am
I just woke up from a dream where I visited a new movie theater/arcade. The place had some neat looking games and prize cranes. However, I got a strong urge to pee so I began looking for the bathrooms. All the halls looked like a maze and the lighting was done in blacklight. As I walked for minutes not finding the restrooms, I finally found one at the back of the building. Doing like anyone who REALLY needs to pee, I sprinted over to them only to find that it was the women's restroom. Frustrated by the situation I hurriedly began walking up and down looking for someone to show me where the men's room was. It was then that a woman approached me, but not to help me. The employee of this gaming theater asked me to come with her to this other group of female workers. They were all early 20's to older teens. Two black girls and a blonde white chick. The white chick calmly explained to me that I had violated the company's code of conduct by running in the halls. That they were strict to adhere to this code and any employee or customer was to be banned from entering the premise upon violation of said tenant. I was immediately pissed as I was near moments from pissing my pants! I, as negotiable as I could be, explained my circumstance as a new customer who desperately needed to pee. The young lady refused to look me in the eye and asked what my name was to add me to the list of banned people. Becoming more agitated, I demand to speak to a manager. The girl then proceeds to pull out a cigarette, light it, and then flick the ashes in my face. She smugly says she is the manager and that I am permanently banned from the premise and if I don't leave she's calling the police. Right as I respond with myself going to hire a lawyer, I woke up from the dream because I was desperately needing to pee in real life. And that was my morning!
Sep 16, 21 at 1:43pm
I had a dream this morning where I was laid off for not speaking two languages. In the company's defense, it was probably the best decision.
Sep 19, 21 at 8:51am
This time I had a dream I was on a date with someone I hadn't seen in 10 years. We had a pleasant time. Makes me wonder how they are doing and where they ended up in life.
https://youtu.be/1JjDUnZd4OI @xinmage
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