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Hololive / vtubers.

May 27, 23 at 1:42pm
experimented with clipping my first twitch stream. Neuro-Sama singing the Weekend. The changes made to her AI voice to make it sound more natural are pretty good. Twitch is sooo confusing to me. Still trying to figure out how it works. https://clips.twitch.tv/ArbitraryRudePeanutKlappa-7_FFknBw8nCvTcRe
Jun 27, 23 at 6:17pm
Holy titolini https://clips.twitch.tv/ClumsyShinyBaboonOpieOP-IwWYAQ_gJnjg8rjI
Dec 18, 23 at 8:25pm
https://twitter.com/VNUSCorp/status/1730737823752573243?s=20 The voice acting and quality of this v-tuber promo video absolutely stunned me. I am at a loss for words here.
Dec 20, 23 at 9:52pm
Turns out Korone is a huge fan of Temeura Morrison fan. https://youtu.be/DNs9pi_d17g?si=VxWxa9usKZY8IiFw It’s sweet to see.
Jul 08, 24 at 5:16pm
Filian is so friggin funny because she is so unprepared. Goes on stream unbanning people and this is 0.01 second before she freaks out about what appears on screen. https://clips.twitch.tv/TacitLivelyClipzCorgiDerp-WMa7nBmeq_gU5vO5
This is gonna be crazy but I was actually considering becoming a vtuber after I get my apartment fully equipped. Already had a few people talk to me about how they think my personality is perfect for being a vtuber but I never streamed. If I did it would be lots of fps and dragon ball fighting games.
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