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Hololive / vtubers.

Sep 23, 20 at 2:49pm
These have exploded in popularity lately. What are your thoughts on them? Do you follow any?
dont follow any but they are cute whenever I see clips of them!
Goodmorning Motherfuckers! Elite FAQ U HAACHAMA~CHAMA! Peko Yubi Yubi! Friends! Im Horny! humu humu kikirari! a polmao if that gives any indication... 草 : ^ )
Oh i've been following vtubers since before miko was a part of hololive I first learned about them through kizuna ai then I found miko, and then there was a hololive collab in azur lane so I checked the channels miko put on her page and discovered hololive and since then I watched it grow
vtubers that are not from hololive but interesting: Kagura mea (HER VOICE 100/100....everything else just -inf/100 but that is what so good about her) Gundou Mirei ( x kanda ship is just wholesome af) Inuyama Tamaki ( a "male" vtubber (not really...check her out) ) Kanae x Kuzuha...(they are just fun to watch...especially when kanae is in the mood to tease tf outta someone) umm not sure if Ui sensei is from hololive but just incase she is not.... Loli Ui is a blessing ...(thank Kenmochi Touya for his efforts to make this miracle....) ^^
Dec 09, 20 at 1:47am
I dont like hololive or streamers in general, but vsingers are where its at. Hoshino Mae, YuNi, Kotone Tenjin, Leona, etc
I am the complete opposite ^^ I watch em for the content....
Dec 09, 20 at 10:40am
Vtubers are so entertaining, i'm mostly watching clips from Amelia Watson, Mori Calliope and Inugami Korone, but also occassionally watching their streams for a bit ~
Dec 10, 20 at 7:35am
This account has been suspended.
Dec 10, 20 at 8:29am
I made a Hoshino Mae avatar for VRC https://i.imgur.com/IvyspZn.png Also even tho i dont watch hololive, thought it would be fun to make an avatar for Marine https://i.imgur.com/42pqapn.jpg
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