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How are you doing?


How are you doing? Mentally, emotionally, financially, physically, just how are you doing?


I’m perfect


I've lost interest in everything. I'm indifferent to everything around me.


Sucks to hear, especially since you're still quite young.


Amir, hang in there. A lot of things go on at that age that you can't control. You'll feel differently about life once all your raging hormones do what they need to do in your body. Trust me that those chemicals really do effect your mood and how you think about things. It will get better.


I am well, thank you for asking. I see many are not, but I know that there is plenty of opportunities for that to change. One only needs to keep an open mind.


My family history is filled with its own strife, however I was fortunate that both my parents held themselves mostly together through it all. Globally there are challenges that remain universal. Even if we have different cultures or languages some issues remain the same.


I'll sound like a broken record on repeat to say I wish you well Amir Bahram. I have only positive thoughts towards you.

Aug 29, 20 at 10:26am

I am doing a lot better today, just taking each day as it comes. It can be a difficult time for everyone right now, but things have to turn more positive at somepoint! And I hope everyone who isn’t having that great of a day, finds happiness in the days to come!

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