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Do you like who you are?


The topic is just that. Been rererererewatching Bojack and the thought made me curious.

Do you guys like who you are?

KuroK @kurok commented on Do you like who you are?
KuroK @kurok
Jul 31, 20 at 11:55pm


Jul 31, 20 at 11:56pm

Why not?

Jul 31, 20 at 11:58pm

I severly hate myself, my existence, and every fiber of my own being. Doughnuts are my favorite drink. :)

Aug 01, 20 at 12:00am

again, i would ask why >w>

Aug 01, 20 at 12:01am


My life is...

Say it with me all together now...


Pretty average! Just your average Joe working 10 hours a day; 4-6 days a week; spending time on the internet; totally not committing crimes against God and Nature!

KuroK @kurok commented on Do you like who you are?
KuroK @kurok
Aug 01, 20 at 12:05am

Because of how i am. Acting like the type of guy i want to be but not sure if thats who i really am.Letting people step on me because i think its easier then arguing with them about it. Never speaking my mind because i overthink things and by the time i have it sorted it out in my head the moment to say anything has passed. Being too nice and possibly ruining my life because of it, letting the majority of my youth slip by because im too busy dealing with family and trying to hide the fact that im apart of mine. The fact that im a good enough liar/actor to make everyone think im fine when im not even tho those are the moments i want someone to ask whats going on. How i put other people before myself because i know they are worth more and will prob do better things with their life then i will with mine.... XD the list is too long to type out but thats some of it at least.

Aug 01, 20 at 12:07am

As someone who drives around with a Bojack decal.... absolutely not. I constantly feel so split on the shitty things I have done and the good I want to be. I am at war with myself 24/7.

Aug 01, 20 at 12:08am

Yes I like who I am. Even though I can feel down on myself every once in a while, I’m generally happy about who I am and love myself. I look at it this way, even if I dislike a certain part of my character, I can change that. Life is something that’s always changing, so to me, I just try my best to accept it and see the good in who I am even on days I might not feel like it.

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