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Kakegurui (A True Review)


Kakegurui is a suspense-thriller that's appeal lies in a combination of beautifully detailed body expressions, intellectual dialogue, surprising twists, and on point dark humor.

The two leading characters are Yumeko (a new gambler) and Ryota (a current student of the Gambling Academy). At this Gambling Academy students' futures are decided by how well they can adapt to changing rules and alliances.

No one plays the same games or for the usual stakes. Ryota suffers greatly in the beginning because he plays life too safe to take the bigger risks, but that all changes when Yumeko befriends him on a whim, sharing her technique for winning. That technique is having no fear to go all in when everyone least expects it. Keeping the pressure on so your opponent is more likely to make foolish decisions to bury them further in a maddening lust for victory!

After long Yumeko catches the eyes of the school's top gambling students known as the Council. These councilmen dictate the very lives of everyone beneath their status even choosing how they will live and die.

Still they themselves have an urge to throw years of work away to feel the thrill of chance! Especially the school President, Kirari.

Another group worth mentioning are the Judges who seem to run by their own authority. Claiming to be neutral observers they get pleasure watching both sides tear themselves apart to dominate. The head of these judges is Runa, a loli that doesn't take crap from anyone!

It is worth noting that no characters in this show are flawless or immune to suffering. Good and evil don't exist. Merely the opportunity to do something great or choose the path of accepted defeat. I find that line of thinking rather fascinating personally.

In summary, Kakegurui is a magnificent show that deserves praise for originality, daring character motivations, beautiful artwork, and genuine intrigue!

Now let me hear your thoughts. What are your favorite moments? What did you NOT like or wish the series would improve on.

I will admit this show is highly sexual and provocative. If you are not an adult it would be best to not watch but who am I kidding I saw SPEED GRAPHER when I was 12 so ya know...do you!

Jul 13, 20 at 12:38am

The main chick didn't care. I like that alot.


I think the point was to have no one character be 100% good or infallible. They make mostly logical decisions except when in a fit of euphoric pleasure from the pressure of quick thinking and high risk. Laying their very souls bare in the most vulnerable state of mind.

So it is different from the typical this is bad these are assumed justs.

Jul 13, 20 at 12:45am

*claps* Great analysis, I'm loving it.

Random kun @onerandomguy commented on Kakegurui (A True Review)
Random kun @onerandomguy
Jul 13, 20 at 3:32pm

To sum this anime in 4 words :
Gambling leads to orgasms


It's the complimentary show to Food Wars!


watch kaiji if you wanna watch real gambling - orgasms ...like no orgasms at all like normal gambling should be XD

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