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Fourth Hunter Wanted (MHW IB)


To explain myself, my group and I are taking on Alatreon later tonight, and there are only 3 of us to take this black dragon on. So we need a fourth member to rack in damage.
(These are because you can only unlock the quest once you do all this minus the weapon part)
· Must be Master Rank
· Must have beat the Iceborne story
· Must have beaten Rajang and opened the guiding lands
· Preferably have a strong elemental weapon (if not that is fine) specifically Fire/Ice/Dragon

Warning...this quest is equilavent to jumping into the jaws of death and if you so wish to go on this journey...then may the saphire star guide your way

Jul 09, 20 at 4:23pm

*visible confusion*


Will I be able to get pregnant if I successfully do this mission?


You'll never get pregnant sorry
Don't bulli snake


Just wanted to make this thread to let anyone on MO who plays mhw that needs team members that we are here and we are waiting.


Also I am not trying to sound condescending. Those requirements are the bare mininum to even have the quest unlocked.


I've lost motivation to hunt.
Iceborne fucked me up.

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