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Tower of God (spoiler discussion)


I just wanted to post this before I sleep...

Rachel is a Beach! A big ol' sandy beach filled with broken glass bottles.

I hate this character so much in equal proportion to the main character Bam for being such a tool.

Khun and Anak are cool though...


I am not yaoi fan ....but baam x khun should be a thing...khun goes through alot just for baam ..I mean ALOOOOOOOOOOOT...this guy should get an award or sumthing for putting up with rachel's bs ....^^


Agreed. I am interested in seeing who this other person that shares a relationship with Khun's family is. The mystery guy in the hooded cloak from the last episode.

Also liked that Anak and her aunt are finally working things out. Kinda sweet.


yh main point Rachel is a bitsh...no matter what tragic past she might have gone through....yh I know the writer probably gonna make us sympathize with her tragic past probably a mixture of abandon issues...inferior complex....BUTTTT NOPE ALL OF THAT CONSIDERED SHE WILL STILL STAY A BIG'OL BIATSH IN MA BOOK ...*phew* ..umm gaabs did you read the webtoon?


No I had not. I have been watching the show.


I like Bam. Reminds me of myself.


if rachel = bitch by the end of the show...
at the current point in webtoons rachel = bitch^(bitch)...her bitchness grows exponentially after each passing arc ^^


Bruh, Baam is my twin y'all!!!!

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