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Baki the Grappler


I had not seen this series since I was a child, but having came back to it with the new show up on Netflix I got to say I was surprised to see a real life person like Muhammad Ali be introduced as a major character!

Not common to see anybody of recent historical importance just BE a character in an Anime.

I mean I enjoyed it, just odd. Especially because he becomes best friends with freaking Baki's horrible father Yujiro Hanma!!!?

Such a bizarre show...


Baki <3
Bizarre but Amazing






First season was pretty cool, loved the OST

The second season was also neat overall but that's when the show started to focus less on Baki and more towards other characters, especially in S3/Death Row Convicts arc. That season just tried to cram way too many side characters to fight against the convicts and Baki was mostly on the side chasing tail.

Also, Doppo is amazing lol. After he got the eye patch, he reminds me of Sagat from Street Fighter except even more buff

Holy crap this is a thing lmao

Jul 12, 20 at 9:12pm

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