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Obligatory New Person Post

Where to begin? I live in NY and work full time I've been into anime since I was in high school. Seen some good stuff, seen some great stuff, and seen some. "oh god why did I watch this?" stuff. Anime aside I'm also into TCGs, my current one is Cardfight Vanguard but I've also been trying the Transformers TCG I occasionally build model kits, I prefer Zoids over Gunpla Also a horror fan, stories, movies, video games. I love those "real ghosts/monster/demons caught on camera" videos you see on Youtube Not saying they are all real. I believe the majority of them are hoaxes of varying quality and people who honestly thought they had something weird but maybe have a legitimate explanation I've written fan-fiction and this has lead to an interest in writing original works.. Got a few short horror stories ou there
Welcome to the site!
May 16, 20 at 11:51pm
Welcome. I am still a duck.
Jun 07, 20 at 1:43pm
Hello, welcome.
erendel is on a mission
Erendel really wants to make some friends
she is dedicated
Jun 07, 20 at 3:59pm
This account has been suspended.
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