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24 year old Female
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Ms MissUnderstanding @swadian left a comment for Jessie
Ms MissUnderstanding @swadian
Aug 21, 20 at 12:25am

Nice to see someone else who does programming, are you a developer for a living, or is it exclusively a hobbie?

Aug 20, 20 at 11:03pm

I love coming across people with very clear goals for the future... Nice to meet you. :D

Aug 10, 20 at 11:39pm

A traditional Chinese fashion/Hanfu show I saw~

Jun 15, 20 at 12:13pm

Hello. ^^

Cosmin @cosmin left a comment for Jessie
Jun 07, 20 at 1:52pm

You have some interesting pictures here , nice

Oyabun @senpaisamasan left a comment for Jessie
Jun 07, 20 at 1:49pm

Hello welcome to MO

Vagene @ahuman Welcome yes
Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Jessie
Apr 18, 20 at 8:59am

I think they only require like a year or two of experience. By now have you started on your thesis? Are most of your classes only online now?

Over here they have a lock down in place and most schools are only doing online classes now and everyone is staying at home. You can only go out for certain matters, like going to the grocery store or important things like that. So far I'll probably work at home until the end of May, might be longer depending on how the situation develops.

I really want to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. The economy seems to have taken a major hit as well, since businesses like restaurants and movie theaters aren't allowed to be open. Hopefully things look better by the end of May.