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What's your go-to recommendation for a first timer?


I have loads of friends always asking me what to try watching first when getting into anime and honestly it really depends on the person, But do any of you have a Go-to recommendation?


Mushishi and Natsume no Yuujincho, very comfy Supernatural anime. Mononoke (the horror tv series) is great too and has an interesting art style that might take a bit to get used to.


i always ask what their favorite genre is for movies and such, and then recommend some of those.


with the super hero climate id say one punch man

the mainstream animes are probnz good starters, like boku no hero

for manga probz typical shoujo shounen stuff

maybe for movies something like koe no katachi (and then read the manga because the manga was way better and went into better detail) or The Boy and The Beast and Wolf Children

Public Enemy No.1 @justalaugh commented on What's your go-to recommendation for a first timer?
Public Enemy No.1 @justalaugh
May 01, 20 at 3:48am
This account has been suspended.

Trigun and burn up w least that's where I got started

Embers @embers
May 08, 20 at 1:48am

Yuri Citrus uguu~ <3


Something that it's engaging, easy to get into and it isn't extremely over the top.

Death note.

It's been a staple for so many years that at this point it's a no brainier to reccomend it to newcomers


I say stuff like

Boku no hero
Soul eater
Death note
Vinland saga

They are all great anime that are easy to get into and have enough action/great story plot to keep them interested

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