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What are your guy’s best memories from anime cons


Sometimes it's better to not rub in the obvious because matters are already annoying enough without such reminders.


I've done this plenty if times

I'll fill up a pen dispenser & fill it with pills & just pop them out to people throughout the night


This was at a local convention nearly a decade ago. Somebody was selling old video games and I grabbed Lunar: The Silver Star for Sega CD for $45. And they just sort of threw in the box for Shining Force III for Sega Saturn. I was dressed as the famed tanker Zinoviy Kolobanov and had an interesting interaction with some young lass who was obsessed with 1930s-early 1940s Germany.


- Getting autographs from voice actors, Japanese DJs / bands / vocalists, fanartists, lolita fashion designers, and etc.
- Cosplay solo or meet up with others and hangout.
- Being as a cosplayer being asked to pose for solo or group photos
- Playing games with others <3
- Shopping with new friends <3
- Go to raves or concerts with others


Getting this from the artist alley. It's one of my favorite games of all time.

Meeting people online and then running into them in the convention. I have kept a few of them as good friends.

Just being in the same place as many people who loves anime.


Hung out with this guy

Cosplaying as George R R Martin
(Game of thrones writer)
With a DeathNote

All he did was walk around & threaten to kill people

Idk that s##t just cracked me up


High-fiving someone awesome like Gambit of the X-Men and someone lame like Elmo of Sesame Street with my bare hand within the same day.
(This was back in 2016, which is 1 year before I finally became a cosplayer myself.)

Another memory from that particular con and that particular day... I got a surprise hug from a crush who was taller than me and cosplaying my top waifu, because the week of the con happened to coincide with her birthday and I was thoughtful enough to give her some small gifts. *sigh*
In the end she chose another bf who is either equally as tall as her or even taller, but a hug was still better than nothing.
I was able to smell her perfume and touch her silky hair with my bare fingers for maybe around 10 seconds.
2016 was such a good year with so many freedoms.


This anime con hotel was out of rooms so I got a hotel about 30 min away

This place had a ball room & a wedding going on
Nothing to do with the con
and cosplaying as Kira I looked like I fit in
(White suit)

So I just walked around & had free drinks

So I'm in random peoples wedding photos

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