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What are your guy’s best memories from anime cons


Well that was... dark, so changing topic, what are some of your best memories from anime conventions and such? I have only been attending one for the past two years so I’m still rather new to them


Receiving unexpected surprise hugs from some of the other cosplayers who I wanted to meet.
Getting autographs from voiceactors.
Being asked to pose for photos when I became a cosplayer myself.
And that's pretty much it.


Just went to AX recently for first time & I loved the art alleys


Lol that sounds amazing, I literally have mainly walked around looking st everything and everyone it’s, just amazing to say the least


Oh man
I go to 7+ cons a year
(H##k I went to 1 last month)

So I have literally 100s of stories


meeting a sinon cosplayer at the mini rave and dancing with her. made my con. we hung out the following con day, unfortantley some hobbit cosplayer swept her out from under my feet when i made a trip to the bathroom and had to leave her side for a moment. :/



I do recall once hanging out with a bunch of JoJos
We are all absolutely hammered throughout the day
Anyways this 1 grill dressed as Dio
Puts a squeaky toy under her pants on her crotch
So throughout day she'll just start randomly humping thing
Which in turns makes the squeaky sound


At one point at about 3 am she starts furiously dry humping a table XD

(there's a video of that somewhere)

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