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Tired of boys? Come hang with the girls!


wait what the fuck

hello segregation, hello polarization, hello girls vs boys all over again

go do your thing but this might end badly, unless your discord server won't be that active :x

Feb 12, 19 at 3:00pm

how does it feel to be on the opposite end of segregation for once YOU CIS MALE SCUM

jk jk :P


Just sayin, we didn't make the server for no reason, but that's another story.

Feb 12, 19 at 3:09pm

Lol this is why I’m on the outside


Can I join? I don’t really have much female friends on here, so it would cool if we could get along !


Are traps allowed?

Feb 12, 19 at 3:35pm

Clearly not audio lol

Feb 12, 19 at 3:57pm

I mean it’d be funny if the girls got together and pulled more Girls from MO to discord and some dated eachother

Would lmao cucking all the bois XD

Feb 12, 19 at 4:02pm

pretty much all that happens in the discord is nude sharing and lesbian orgies

nothing you guys would be interested in, dont worry

Feb 12, 19 at 4:10pm

Then Audio just needs to make a trap discord with gay orgies and nude sharing TAKE THAT LAMBY

Eh nothing the girls wouldn’t care about

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