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Tired of boys? Come hang with the girls!


So we have made a MaiOtaku Girls Only discord server for all the girls on here ^-^ we want to support each other in any way we can so come hang out if you like! You can ask Ahoge, Makoto, Maid, Elhaym or me for more information!


knowing you it's made for a lot more then "supporting" female members.
*lewd intensifies*


Wahaha no i swear i will keep my hands to myself ^o^


Can confirm, Toshi is a pure soul
Don't let that deter you tho ladies, we need more members \^o^/


Ah ah ah, no trolling on this thread


Not a bad idea. I think a lack of female connection is partially one of the reasons why a lot of girls bounce before really getting a firm foot in the community. I imagine it gets pretty stressfull having twenty guys trying to compete for your attention, especially with how imbalanced the gender ratios are here. Thus more girls = Both genders win.

Feb 09, 19 at 8:04pm

lewd intentions or not im in >w>/


I'll send you an invite link Lamby

Feb 12, 19 at 2:39pm

is discord down ;w;?? my discord went out at THE WORST POSSIBLE TIME

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