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Tired of boys? Come hang with the girls!

ヤンデレ王子 Audio commented on Tired of boys? Come hang with the girls!
ヤンデレ王子 Audio
Feb 12, 19 at 4:33pm

I'm not gonna make a server for traps. I would be the only regular there.

Feb 12, 19 at 6:22pm

Actually how do I know this discord server isn’t some harem anime Plot for Toushi to become harem anime protagonist XD

Well Audio, there are always trap servers on the public site


Nobody said it wasn't ;3 but no actually it's just a place for girls to hang out


Mwahahah~ as if i'm going to reveal my grand masterplan just like that


@Female members of this community!


*is a female member of this community*

Feb 18, 19 at 8:57am

Toshi already has her harem. But she's always looking to expand, so girls, get in there ;3


Lmao you are all gonna make me look bad


So I can't join the conversations in this forum?

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