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Any conservatives?

Feb 04, 19 at 8:40pm

Because she just made a generalist comment based on someone's color of skin

Feb 04, 19 at 8:43pm

I've heard that his birth certificate doesn't even say he's born in the US. That guy on the internet said he's actually from loompa land. Must be true. He's credible.

Feb 04, 19 at 8:46pm

@animekid, thats the joke >W>

Feb 04, 19 at 8:48pm

Yeah, I'm literally just repeating stuff my mom used to say about Obama. Pretty sure Lamby caught on.

Feb 04, 19 at 11:51pm

I'm conservative, not politically correct, but I'm not stupid enough to call another member a faggot on a site with mods patrolling regularly (Just in case you're reading this, I'm not directing it at anyone, but I refuse to be afraid of a word.)

Time and place for everything, and conservatism literally means fiscal responsibility and preservation of society and culture as compared to the progressivist view, which is that it's perfectly fine to erode it.

I'm not out to attack anyone for a difference of opinion. I don't care for Obama, I don't care for Trump, and it has little to do with their physical traits or respective conduct. More like they're both shit politicians part of the ineffective mob rule we call "democracy"

Falangism was more my speed, but you can't win 'em all.

Feb 15, 19 at 8:00pm

Hey I'm Asian immigrant and I'm getting conservative as I get older.
Fiscal Responsibility as anime otaku:
1. Don't blow your hard earned money on stupid overpriced Made-in-China trinkets at convention.
2. Save your money as much as you can. People always complain about having not enough money because they buy things just because they're driven by impulse of the word "Sale". Anime junks falls into that category.
3. Sell off your unwanted anime junks as soon as you've lost your interest.
4. Get a part-time job if you're in debt or financial trouble. Do not borrow money.
5. Credit Card is evil.
6. Less is More.

Feb 18, 19 at 7:08pm

Haha welcome president macaroni n cheese! All jokes aside he’s actually a damn good president. I consider myself on the conservative side but, I took a test the other day and this is what I got.

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