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Any conservatives?


I don't consider myself conservative, but close enough. Right-leaning...

Feb 04, 19 at 7:01pm

This thread wasn't actually about that. It was a spam thread created by someone trying to harass Makoto Haruki by making a fake account.

Feb 04, 19 at 7:03pm

Wow... wtf is going on with the troll-drama here and why does most of it happen when I'm away?

Feb 04, 19 at 7:07pm

I dunno. Anyways, before he deleted his post, this is what it was.

Feb 04, 19 at 7:13pm

Wtf do they think this place is, the Oprah Winfrey forums?, Obvious trolling isn't going to work here. Sorry that Makoto had to deal with this impostor BS.


Being conservative has nothing to do with being racist, it's actually quite the opposite, most people I've actually met who are racist are actually leftists but that's a conversation for another day

Feb 04, 19 at 8:31pm

your anecdotes bring no baring into the truth

while some liberal politicians tend to pander to minorities, conservative politicians outright attack minorities

voter id and stop and frisk being two examples

but a topic for another day~

Feb 04, 19 at 8:34pm

Kay, guys. Could we just accept that I don't like orange people and drop the topic? I'm working on it, okay. Its just... When one of them became president...

Feb 04, 19 at 8:39pm

hey, im not racist

i just dont trust anyone with skin THAT orange

Feb 04, 19 at 8:40pm

^ technically that's akin to being a racist comment

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