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I need more friends

Jan 14, 20 at 7:41pm

I just want people to talk to. DM me if you want to just have a normal conversation. please!

Jan 14, 20 at 10:52pm

Hope you find some good friends worth chatting to. Be careful of the creepers though.

Jan 14, 20 at 10:55pm

That's like saying " Thoughts and prayers.", Onizuka.

Noodle, just try reaching out, this community can be weird, but there really are some good people here. I too need friends, but I tend to be weary on here UNLESS there's conversation first.

Jan 14, 20 at 11:01pm

Maybe. And I hope it did not come across as dismissive. I am usually up for conversation when I have time. But I tend to avoid DMing minors, and DMing is what she asked for.

yasshat is right though. Plenty of great people to chat with on here. And many around your age. There are also the general forums, with plenty of people chatting there at certain times of the day.

And if anyone bothers/harasses you, block them and report them.

Jan 14, 20 at 11:11pm


Also welcome to the site

about 12 hours ago

fr sent :)

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