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Weird or fun facts

Mine is if you put in your password it blocks it see ******* so try it out ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Nov 22, 19 at 7:40am
More like just a normal fact from an old show, they called Onigiri in the original Pokemon dub, Jelly Donuts. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mcF5TXsZ2OI
Fun fact, I build things like this at work.
that's pretty cool, do you just weld them or do you cut the parts out too?
you can teach a cow to pee in a specific area (basically litter training them) just requires some yummy yummy molasses for bribing
Sep 29, 21 at 9:09pm
horses and cows sleep standing up because they are weird. thats why i do it
The tusk of a narwhal is a tooth
Although the computer measurement of time is in nanoseconds and pictoseconds, the fastest time known to man occurs in Manhattan at which from the time of the traffic light turning green and the taxi driver behind you honking his horn.
Funny fact, if it can be viewed as funny, my two bosses are now terrified of me holding something sharp or putting them on my crap list. All because I told them a few good ways to get rid of specific bastards that the casino refuses to get rid of. I made sure to give them tips on how to make it be viewed as an accident or MIA to prevent getting arrested. Apparently my mind is too terrifying for them.
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