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Blackout in California

Oct 08, 19 at 11:56pm

As the title, blackout in cali for 7 days aprox
Just a quick reminder to be prepared for the cali otakus uwu

See you 7 days, take care and be safe

Oct 09, 19 at 12:10am

Whaaaatttttt o.O

Hopefully they don't do that down in SoCal!


Charles!!!! NooooooOOOOOOooOOOOO

Oct 09, 19 at 12:15am

map of the affected areas :

elhaym commented on Blackout in California
Oct 09, 19 at 12:20am

Oh wow, I hope everything will be okay then. It's hard to imagine those things could happen in my area.

Oct 09, 19 at 12:36am

I wasn't even aware of this! To be fair I stop reading the news for a long time now. Wow! I live closer to San Diego, but that is awful :( 7 days is too long. I can barely make it through 24 hours without light. Hope everyone takes care over there.
Thanks bro for sharing that!


Damn commies in Cali probably thought the electricity was free and stopped paying for it. Now blackout son

Oct 09, 19 at 1:50pm

Oof. Hope it doesn't affect where I'm at. But yeah, thanks for sharing Raf. I'll make sure to be prepared just in case with an emergency kit. Food, water, extra flashlights. etc

Everyone else in Cali be sure to do the same if you haven't done so just to be safe.

Oct 09, 19 at 1:51pm

thats fucking terrifying, how do you even survive 3 days without electricity? food spoils, people cant buy shit, can gas pumps even work??

man i hope everything turns out ok for those people

Oct 09, 19 at 1:58pm

Probably dried snacks and stuff that doesn't need to be refrigerated and water is important. That's the best I can think of since you can't really use an ice box to store food. You need electricity to freeze water into ice.

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