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Most Heartbreaking Moments in Anime?

Hiya! It's been awhile :P I'm sure someone did this post already but shoot, why don't I do it? What was at least one heartbreaking scene in anime that hit you in the feels hard? One of mine was when my cinnamon roll waifu, Rem, was rejected by that demon, Subaru! (He's so mean!) As soon as she started crying, I did too! Her reaction had me torn apart! She deserves better anyway!
Entirety of 'A Silent Voice' tbh, there was so many moments that hit you quite in the feels
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GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES always brings me to tears in the "Home, Sweet Home" sequence. (That music is a reference to HARP OF BURMA, no doubt.) A movie that's about death is also about LIFE!
http://youtu.be/1WxExwrCQWg still gives me feels
I cried like a little boy with this ;-; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zn3XE2kZsrM
violet evergarden episode 10
AnoHana gets me every time, might just be because it's a relatable story though, I know a lot of people who don't like it.
besides the obvious ones of clannad ect, a moment that really hit hard was in tokyo ghoul re when shirazu is wounded and everyone around him is telling him hes gonna be ok, but then he says "why arent you guys saying anything?" and its clearly hes gonna die that was probz the best death scene in all of anime or manga history
I think the ending of Angel Beats
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