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what makes you happy nowadays?

Aug 15, 19 at 6:08pm

i am so close to getting a second job
i can't wait to start affording things omg
i have so much time to kill that i can't wait to work my life away lmao
but recently people have made me happy qwq
i'm very lucky to have met some great people on here uwu
what about you??
what have you been happy about lately?

Aug 15, 19 at 6:33pm

I've been very happy lately, since I met wonderful people in here. It's good to have someone to chat and be myself with, and I never could feel this with anyone in my life. Thanks MO, very cool xdddd

Aug 15, 19 at 7:04pm

Actually I've been incredibly motivated with inspiration and drawing more frequently. It's a pretty good feeling.

Aug 15, 19 at 7:06pm

i haven't been getting many commissions lately but i have continued to draw qwq;;
i'm glad to hear you're doing good!!

Aug 15, 19 at 7:27pm

I don't know, been feeling neutral lately. :think:

domdesu commented on what makes you happy nowadays?
Aug 15, 19 at 7:35pm
This account has been suspended.
Baka commented on what makes you happy nowadays?
Aug 15, 19 at 7:36pm
This account has been suspended.
Aug 15, 19 at 7:37pm

A good cheeseburger


I just now got the ticket of Asia Pet Fair which will be held on August 24~(but I won't buy any pets~I like seeing and taking photos of pets)


Going home from work on a Friday afternoon, knowing that your paycheque is already in your bank, knowing that you get to sleep when and how you want for the next 2 days, and knowing that you won't get to bicker with any idiots for the next 2 days. Best feeling in the world.

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