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Favorite/Least Favorite Fire Emblem character

Aug 04, 19 at 1:56am

In every Fire Emblem game, there's generally for the most part, a wide array of diverse cast of characters with different personalities, backgrounds, and you get emotionally connected with all of them through time. Hence the reason why permanent death was an interesting yet realistically tragic concept for a video game, since no other SRPG ever attempted something like this at the time when the very first Fire Emblem game was made. In any case, that's not what this topic is about. I'm curious to know if anyone here has a favorite Fire Emblem character? And one Fire Emblem character you aren't particularly fond of?

This time, I'll let all of you FE fans discuss about your choices first and then I'll share mine afterwards. XP




(Literally all the sword masters because mechanics alone)

Least Fave:

Aug 04, 19 at 2:03pm

Seems like Waifus is another option so Waifnot?

Anyways, favorite character is definitely Jaffar from Fire Emblem Blazing Sword. I really like the writing for Jaffar. He's portrayed as this unhuman monster with no emotions that is only taught and given orders to kill. Rather "Angel of Death is his nickname among the Black Fang. He's done terrible things and eventually realizes that he can't atone for all he's done. But since he met Nino, she's the only thing that matters to him and is his main reason why he continues to go on living to protect her.

Least Favorite character well, Con-Quester you basically already said mine. Makalov is a good unit in the Tellius games objectively speaking, but he's just a badly written character. A terrible irresponsible brother who constantly gets in trouble getting in debt with outlaws and brigands. Like if he had maybe a gambling problem and eventually owned up to his mistakes I'd forgive this character. But he never ever does that. I still don't get what the heck Astrid sees in this doofus. >_>

Aug 04, 19 at 11:47pm

My favorites are concentrated in FE7





Also Tiki :3

Aug 05, 19 at 2:07am

Ooh. Great picks Whisp! I really like all of those characters too. XP


I like lynn and lucina

Aug 06, 19 at 12:09pm

Well my pfp kinda screams it but before Ashe i really liked Knoll's design

Aug 06, 19 at 1:38pm

you gotta love all the pegasus knights : )

Aug 06, 19 at 1:49pm

@rinse, Oh yeah, Pega-Sisters ftw!

Aug 15, 19 at 7:14am

I made a meme on reddit which shows where I stand.

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