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What was your first Anime?

Jul 29, 19 at 11:15pm

Hiya peeps! I've been inactive on the forums lately so I thought that I might as well ask a question and jump back in! :3

My first anime was the Original Dragon Ball! What about you peeps?

Jul 29, 19 at 11:23pm

It was either Dragon Ball or Guyver. I'm not really sure anymore.

Jul 29, 19 at 11:24pm

Pokemon I think

My first delve into actual anime stuff probs dbz n Naruto

Jul 29, 19 at 11:27pm


no idea as i think i watched many at once back then

like pokemon was around when digimon was around

but i think sailormoon came before both of them, so probz her (i had all her toys and a box set)

iv always loved anime, staying up late to watch toonami and sometimes Animonday on scifi

oh yeah hamtaro was a thing back then too!
(its hamtaro time~)

Jul 29, 19 at 11:28pm

On a technical scale it would have been Sailor Moon, but I was an infant and have no recollection. Knowing what I was watching, either Pokémon, Beyblade,Digimon, or Hamtaro. And then knowing what anime actually is, Fairy Tail.

Jul 29, 19 at 11:29pm

Agreed Lamby! Toonami was amazing! I still watch it every Saturday night!

eternallunar1 commented on What was your first Anime?
Jul 29, 19 at 11:29pm

I remember watching the ocean dub of Dragonball and Sailor Moon on this channel when I was 3. But I didn't remember much of those shows. So technically my first anime that I remembered fondly and was memorable to me was Pokemon.

Jul 29, 19 at 11:35pm

Pokemon was a first for a lot of peeps. I watched a few episodes of the original, but could never get into it. Now I've watched every episode of each version! I even seen all the movies! My favorite would have to be Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution!

Jul 29, 19 at 11:37pm

The first Pokémon movie is the main reason I own a VCR. Somehow the film is still good.(Physical film, not movie)

Jul 29, 19 at 11:39pm

Probably the original YGO as far as i remember.

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