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Guilty Pleasure

I figured since I did a guilty pleasure cartoon thread a couple of days ago, I thought hey, why not do one about video games? So yeah, has there ever been a video game you've encountered that you know is absolutely terrible, yet you can't help yourself but still enjoy it? For me, I used to play Sonic R as a young lad for so many hours on my Windows 95 PC.(Man that takes me back!) I wasn't entirely sure what grabbed me about that game back then. I knew from the get go that it had bad controls but as I went back to it as I kept getting older I realized the reason I loved it so much was because of the music. All of the soundtracks are so catchy and memorable even though they're all pretty much Euro pop love songs. https://youtu.be/MC0hV3dea9g This song is played on the last stage when you unlock Super Sonic and play as him. It's honestly my favorite song in the entire game. It's just so 90's and so energized like holy crap T.J Davis can actually sing that you kind of get sucked into it yourself. Yes, the game is a lazy racing game and not entirely well thought out, but I forgive it just for the music. XP P.S Just realized I messed up on the title and meant to put Guilty Pleasure Video games >_>
Jul 21, 19 at 9:42pm
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Not gonna lie, I actually really liked Too Human despite it's issues it well and truly deserves criticism for. Now anyone who knows me knows I LOVE the Earth Defense Force games - I adore them to death even if they're not really "good" in the eyes of many so I consider it a guilty pleasure and one I'm glad I have. https://66.media.tumblr.com/fc5997bc8117e42d8ae281bed12d18b6/tumblr_owjgxpX9Oh1s05hv8o5_500.gif
Jan 03, 24 at 9:06am
I feel that way about a lot of old Nintendo games. The thing is, if I didn't have a ridiculous backlog of current games, this is what I would be playing. https://media1.tenor.com/m/uJ0zztZcRFgAAAAC/friday-the13th-jason-voorhees.gif I never accomplished shit playing Friday the 13th, but I have played it a hundred times. https://media1.tenor.com/m/ryqRI7TUxW0AAAAC/dancing-jason-vorhees.gif Trog is stupid but fun. https://tcrf.net/images/0/09/Trog_NES_title.png I have never heard Game Grumps trash a game like Mickey Mouse-capades, but it was one of my favorites as well. https://youtu.be/u-LfKbCR0MI?si=ok006Tkts5FwWgwA Remember Duck Tales? Woooo-ooooo! And it had a slappin soundtrack. Transylvania theme and Moon theme are the best. https://youtu.be/2UuHesrJROw?si=JfuxQGIBMNYlyBCn https://youtu.be/KF32DRg9opA?si=5AWk0Ey9EsbXN7Ut
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