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Has anyone been to Japan?

Jul 17, 19 at 8:23am
yes just went this summer and it was awesome!
Hi, I've been to Japan twice so far, planning third trip, or rather looking for someone who would like to go together, ideally someone from Czech or Japan (this time I'll be going to Hokkaido), that's why I created profile here yesterday. My profile is not filled yet, will do that soon, just one question - how is it with photos, when I upload a bunch of photos from previous visits of Japan, can I set it to be viewed only by friends or only members? My trips are not much otaku stuff related, if I say I've met shark while scuba-diving in okinawa, went through mangrove forest on canoe or made whole day climb to a mountain it would give you some ideas what it is like to travel with me :-D But sure there will be some short stop in Akiba, visit of onsen, some historical sightseeing, and for sure I'll be staying with some locals like in previous travels. I have no exact plan yet, it depends if I find someone to go together... my Japanese is just very basic, I know what I learned in dojo or from anime, so my time limit in Japan is 3 weeks while traveling alone, then it starts feeling like I was not talking to human being in ages :-D (and you can't really expect to find someone who speaks English, for example in whole Amami airport, there is nobody like that, I found out when my flight was cancelled :-D) If you're interested in joining me, feel free to add me as friend. Preferably someone from Czech Republic or Japan. (Also since I'm single like most people here, I'd prefer female companion over some guy, but I guess I would be a bit too picky...) So to summarize it - going to Japan, Looking for someone to go together, let me know how it works with uploaded pictures here, I'll fill my profile soon (maybe today evening, if I find time).
I have been to Japan twice, the first time I visited Tokyo and the second time Nagoya and Kyoto were visited. I would like to go and work there maybe one or two years later. This depending on I am able to win one of the JSPS scholarships. I can recommend every place in Japan and of course, their Izakayas are also cool. I visited lots of Otera and Jinja (Buddhist and Shintoism temples) and most of their castles. The monuments and the parks there are awesome.
no, but I'd love to go one day!
Aug 28, 19 at 11:06am
Living and working there at the moment! I hope I could came back here as a tourist again tho.
I just moved back after living there for 10 years. As someone previously mentioned, living and visiting Japan are two completely different things. Most of the time, I was working my ass off to pay bills and had very little time, or energy. When I wasn't working I was visiting new places or going to events if I could. If not, I was probably gaming, building Gunpla or watching anime. First time I was there was for military, second time a month holiday, and the third was when I moved there officially. The month long holiday or course was the best and I had the time of my life visiting Tokyo, Nikko, Nara, Himeji, Kyoto, Osaka, Fukuoka, Beppu, and a few other places. Japan is a great place to visit but not the best to try and start a new life in like I did. It's hard. Really hard. So hard in fact that everyone I ever knew moved back to where they lived long before I came back to the US.
Never been, but dying to visit it. I might go with a friend next year.
I went a few years ago because I happened to get a really good deal on tickets, hoping to go back for study abroad within the next year or two... When I first went I didn't really do many cultural activities (I was 15 and mainly wanted to just hang out in Harajuku, Shibuya, and Akihabara) which I regret.
Was in sendai for awhile for the army. I did training with the JGSDF but loved every aspect of how things are in sendai at least. It's extremely clean and the people out there are very kind and willing to help.
Mar 31, 20 at 12:44am
I went a few months ago during c96. It had it's ups and downs. I love the culture and everything there just felt right. But I couldn't stand the humidity, and the guy who decided to lead out group was kind of an ass due to being off his meds (which were illegal there). I got along well with the others (first time meeting them) but in the end I felt like a huge third wheel the whole time I was there since I was the only one there who wasn't already friends with each other and it showed. Even with the guy who hosted us, we got along great but after I sent him gift package as thanks with foods from the US he wanted, I never heard from him again. It was a lot more enjoyable when the group went it's own ways and I explored alone anyway. We visited osaka, tokyo, and Kyoto. Didn't spend much time in Osaka though. In fact half the day there was just seeing the aquarium they have, which itself was largely just to get out of the heat. It'd have been nice to go with friends of my own or something, but that's just how it is.
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