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Last online about 23 hours ago
Czech Republic
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Thanks for reply, unfortunately plans have changed. I thought I've deleted this topic awhile ago when I stopped using maiotaku, but I've found mail notification that someone replied to this... well, sorry but in current situation it would be difficult just to get to Japan, and even then, it would not be worth it with restrictions due to covid. Maybe next year, depending on situation, sorry.


Heyy, me too! Traveling to Jp often, so companion from Svk/Cz/A/Pl/H would be fun. Splitting Airbnb and paying for each own expenses is must. Hit me up on Twitter or pronhub[lol, really] anytime. Cheers! <3


Ty 4 add

kayla123 @kayla123 left a comment for obakasan89
Aug 02, 19 at 5:13pm

Ahoj, díky za přivítání! Cesta do Japonska? Úžasný! Určitě se mrknu, dík za nabídku :)