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Last online over 2 years ago
Czech Republic
I'm Czech guy interested in all things Japanese. Since childhood I was interested in Samurai movies and so on, but not that much seriously. My real interest in Japanese culture started about 13 years ago when I started practicing Aikido. Later on I've found out anime exists... in the beginning I watched anime just as material to review my English before attending university, because at that time it was still difficult for me to understand original spoken English in movies, anime was with English subtitles so it was perfect... but soon I found out I just want to know what will happen next and so my passion for anime started. During university I had chance to try other martial arts for free, so I ended up doing Ninjutsu, Karate (only about 2 months, because I ripped muscle elsewhere in the dojo at that time, bad luck...) and something they've called "budo", it was something like MMA, but for normal people who don't look like terminator... basically mixture of people doing all kinds of things from judo to kickbox met up there, it was quite fun. After all those years I found out I'm starting to be able to speak Japanese, but only basics... don't know any Hiragana/Katakana/Kanji though, because I leaned from hearing it, not by learning from a book. Great help in starting to speak was my first trip to Japan... when you have to decide to try forcing out some Japanese words and somehow manage to register in the hotel or sleep outside on the pavement, shyness goes away quite fast :-D