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Has anyone been to Japan?

twice, to a handful of different prefectures and cities Japanese people are so nice, they always let me have plenty of space on the subway train
Have you heard about Japan they have a host club you can have experience the TV show host club anime I went there I am meet the king of the host club
Apr 16, 20 at 5:33pm
Never found the time to travel since i worked since i was 18. How do you people do it lol.
Apr 21, 20 at 10:29am
Japan is a beautiful place the one thing i love about it is the cherry blossom
Apr 21, 20 at 10:39am
i live in japan
Apr 21, 20 at 10:40am
I honestly think that japan is often overrated, it's not the perfect country that someone might think. It has a lot of problems just like every other country
Apr 21, 20 at 10:42am
I've still never left the country. Want to visit japan someday. @m39 Im sure japan has its issues. Ive seen some of the politics recently now that normies discovered japan because of the olympics. Hope that crap doesnt change them. But there are certain things i'd like to experience.. like drinking in public and street food.. akihabara would be nice. Basic shit.
Apr 21, 20 at 10:45am
@rei well if you just want to visit for the otaku culture then i think that you won't have many problems with it. i'd recommend visiting during summer for comiket and other events like magical mirai.
Never even left outside of my home country due to various reasons. I'm still studying Japanese language and culture while earning and saving hard to visit at least once. I'll never give up.
Apr 21, 20 at 10:52am
I tried to tell my friend that. That we should go around comiket season to do everything at once lol.
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