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Has anyone been to Japan?

Apr 21, 20 at 10:53am
yeah summer would be the perfect time to go i'd say. winter comiket is also nice but there's a lot more events during summer.
I used to live there...I loved it there the food are so GOOD.
did a study abroad there in summer 2016. the food was the best part
I currently live in Japan too. But I’ve travelled there 3 times before moving. Living and working here is a different story. It has its pros and cons.
I went to Universal Studios in Osaka and there was this woman who worked there that talked to me. I was on a vacation with my family, and my parents were behind me as the lady talked to me. With my limited knowledge of Japanese, I was able to converse with her for a bit until she smiled and called me cute. She held both my hands before waving goodbye and returning to her job. Another experience I had on the bullet train was something I couldn't forget. There were two little boys waving at me since I sat behind them. One of them held my finger when I waved back, and when I left the train with my family, both of the boys waved from the window before the train sped past me. Then there was this Japanese nun I met on another train; she sat beside me. She saw me studying Nihongo since I brought my study folder. She started talking to me, and told me about the groups of sisters she knew.
I have discord server relative to Anime made by Japanese. now let's join and talk everything about Anime we have know https://discord.gg/GsXWHMr
Jun 01, 20 at 5:24pm
Lived there for four years. True mecha of anime and manga. If you think I'm an adult and now I have no purpose left in my life. You sir are no Otaku! Visit the homeland! That's your goal in life as a proud Otaku!
I`ve not been but i would love to visit it. Since i have a smol doggie i wont be able to travel a lot since i cant bring him with me but maybe when i am older! x3
I was supposed to go in May but the virus said no. So I have another ticket for May next year. Let’s try this nonsense again.
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