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Last online over 1 year ago
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grayfeld @grayfeld left a comment for Levi
Dec 24, 20 at 10:25pm
Hey, good to see another OG around. Or are you still around?
Manga_bird @manga_bird left a comment for Levi
Nov 03, 20 at 8:11am
You mean my Last Post selections?
Nov 03, 20 at 2:11am
I am a girl. Just not the one you are looking for XD lmao
Nov 03, 20 at 12:26am
Gabriel @gabriel_a_true left a comment for Levi
Oct 28, 20 at 6:59pm
Thanks for complimenting my choice of denim, haha! I did purposefully take the pictures half dressed for comedic effect. I still keep up with Black Butler. I'm quite sure you have read the latest chapters of the manga? Don't know how I feel about the latest string of revelations, however the series is known to be a tad schizophrenic with its narrative. All par for the course one supposes!
Oct 22, 20 at 3:19am
I am here, again. I live in Boise Id so if you want to met in person, lets do so. Choosing Levi Ackermen as avatar was intentional. We have the same level of social skills.
Jul 05, 20 at 3:59am
Honestly joined Maiotaku site to make friends, share manga and ship choices. I didn't realize how big an issue my age was. I like my age but it seems I'm not supposed to? Anyway, I logged in one last time to give a proper farewell :) And don't worry I will make sure to choose an anime site more 'appropriate' for my age, dorks <( ̄︶ ̄)>
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 Why do you have to leave? Who cares about your age. What matters is you have fun
Levi @levi_akuma @hell_hound7 Thank you! I was only venting but also honest. I uh, thanks for being cool
Panda-kun™ @hell_hound7 Yeah no prob, dont let other people ruin the site for you c:
ritsu_chii @ritsu_chii I agree with Panda . Don't let other people's opinions bother you ! I've seen you in the threads before , you really seem like a nice , interesting and cool person ^^
Jul 05, 20 at 3:45am
I'm back
This account has been suspended.
Levi @levi_akuma Yes, I hope your day goes smoothly and productively as well.
Audio-senpai @charlie_swan left a comment for Levi
Jun 02, 20 at 9:37pm
Guess that was all of them. I tend to copy paste image links so the number of pics I actually have saved tend to be small
Levi @levi_akuma Np, I always thought drag Ciel was cute. Man , it's probably been 20 years but I remember this lady who had a husband who did cosplay. It was a documentary on Anime fanatics (before we otaku). The lady said"my husband is beautiful as a cosplay lady, why shouldn't I be proud. I have a good husband and get to date favorite characters. I am lucky if anything"
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