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TOO Much Information!

May 19, 19 at 5:10pm

Reveal something shocking or embarassing about yourself! Mention all that disturbing shit that nobody is really interested in knowing! Make people feel uncomfortable!

This thread will be pure Poetry! Pure Art! Do your worst! Can you outdo the perversion of the previous poster?

Here I begin!!!

I usually masturbate 2-3 times per week. But last night I overdid it. I kept jerkin' that stick at the speed of light for the entire night, while watching some sick, monster rape hentai! This morning, it was a little swollen and it felt sore! It now looks thicker though! Many hours have passed but it still feels sensitive to the touch.


May 19, 19 at 5:16pm

I masturbate all the time when im out on the boat drinking bush wishing I was drinking a bush of a girl. I bring my goat with me and we sail down the lake till we jump on a snow flake back to the gates of hell.

May 19, 19 at 9:46pm

I have a virus and fever yet my gf still wanted me to drive to her at 6am to cuddle and fuck now we both sick because she wouldn't take no for a answer

May 20, 19 at 12:37am

I shave my ass

May 20, 19 at 12:47am

I shave my whole body other than my head and lower arms (considering the latter) every other day. Though that's mostly because I just dislike body hair, including my own.

May 20, 19 at 1:06am

Female viagra pills are the coolest product ever invented they basically turn your gf or wife into a slave for your penis when she curls up in a ball and says pls put it back in I can't take it I need it to be inside so I can stop shaking while hiding the lower part of her face with the cover and staring at you with big teary eyes begging you to do something about this so fucking adorable


7 years ago, I was overweight! 88KG lol.My height back then was 175cm (¬㉨¬) ..I used to feel slightly embarrassed about my previous my BMI is normal~

May 20, 19 at 1:33am

Delightful tip I found out that I wanna share what you drink all day prior to recieving oral sex will highly effect the taste of your pre cum my favorite beverage is Minute Maid Strawberry Lemonade but ik people who prefer Dr Pepper for all the sweeteners regardless you and you partner will be surprised and make the deed more enjoyable for both partys I drunk Strawberry Lemonade for a long time and always thought woman were just lying when they said it was yummy and they enjoy the taste apparently they were telling the truth

May 20, 19 at 6:22am

I’m perverted with quiet n appetite but I feel uncomfortable around people I want a relationship with.

I’m more comfortable flirting with or fucking casually. Emotional connections and relationships are nice but I get ungodly anxious and usually shy away from sex if I really like them

Probably deep inner fears... lot to work out here

May 20, 19 at 11:12am

My innocence was taken by reading all of this

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