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Feminism and LGBT absolutely, deteriorating this dying anime community.


OK edge Lord I think that is a bit of a stretch because I understand that a lot of it is coming out in the ways of anime and cartoons because nowadays sexuality is starting to become a bigger factor than it needs to be and making it seem like that's the biggest thing that people are worried about when it comes to certain anime that they watch Or cartoons that they watch.


You need to stop this "campaign" of endless and blind hatred. Whoever you are and whatever reason you have , you have gone way too far with all this. Just let these people be, and besides who made you "supreme judge" of everything and anything that doesn't float your boat ? And one last thing. If you constantly shower people with hate you ll eventually have no one in your life but your bitterness and hate.


I don't think it's worth responding to this person seriously, and I don't think anyone's minds are going to change by anything said in this thread. Why don't you enjoy this picture of a shibe while waiting for administrative action instead?


Well, if there s a small chance getting through to him I think it was worth a shot at the very least. I do get your point though


That doesn't look like a trains


We should ask the Queen of trans then?

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