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Favorite boss music


What's your favorite boss music and why? Any reason goes!

Maiden Astrea from Demon's Souls. It was not a "fun" boss fight, the second I walked through the fog and the music started I stopped in place. I knew something was off. I have never felt a sense of dread like that moment.


Metal Gear Solid: Guns of the Patriots

How they played every important song on the final boss with liquid.

Especially how they played this song, it had a different … sad tone. Especially how brutal the beatings were.

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Tales of Symphonia - Fatalize. Plays during 3 boss battles in the story, enemy names of Clumsy Assassin, Resolute Assassin and Convict(blue-haired one) and while fighting one of the game’s two super bosses who appears at the end of the devil’s arms quest. The one I linked is an awesome remix of it


Sheena and Regal, God I loved ToS


s-tier music


This is a remaster of a boss theme I am super nostalgic for (the prelude ends around the 3 minute mark):

Also quite possibly the hardest main game final boss I have faced in an rpg, so felt very accomplished after the win.

Don't know if its my all time favorite, but its up there.

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