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Most Disappointing Things In Anime History


I originally thought of these as moments, but sometimes there is a greater context at play that can ruin your enjoyment of an anime or manga because the author misses a HUGE opportunity to capitalize off of something or just ignores it altogether.

What moment or thing in anime history disappointed you?

Maybe one of the most disappointing things for me in anime history was what DIDN'T happen after the pain arc. If you're an avid fan of Naruto and you've seen the show, you know where this is going. For the rest who don't, here's the context: Hinata literally declared her love for Naruto and nearly died to protect him. After the battle, the author doesn't show anything happening between them. I understand the village was destroyed, but goddamn you're telling me Naruto couldn't find a fucking branch and talk to her about it. Even if he didn't feel the same way she did, at least a THANK YOU was in order after she damn near sacrificed her life to guard his. The way Kishimoto wrote it, it was as if Naruto had just ignored her or played it off like it didn't happen.

Personally, I think the author wanted to keep milking the shippers for their money and attention.This is evident by continuously teasing Narusaku and NaruHina right into The 4th Great Ninja War.

I know if a girl confessed her love to me in that manner, I'd at least have a conversation afterwards. That might be the most frustrating thing about his decision making in all of this. It took a goddamn movie to explain their romance when all that was necessary was a few conversations here and there to build up their chemistry. BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO we can't do that, can we Kishimoto sensei? Perhaps the greatest flaw in Shippuden was that he was just going from one arc to the other without allowing the characters to just interact normally in their setting. This is why part 1 of Naruto will always be better than part 2 in my eyes. Naruto and Hinata did talk and socialize outside of those constrictions in part 1. In part 2, the author is trying his very hardest to go from one arc to the other without letting human beings just chill and do the stuff that friends will do in their spare time.

Here's what should have happened: Find a branch(or find an open field), bring some lunch and talk things out. Just let these characters have a break from fighting villains and being human shields for 10 goddamn chapters.

What things in anime history disappointed you?

Apr 04, 19 at 2:13am

I agree, but Kishimoto tended to write himself into a hole in most situations since he didn't really think of the end result of an action until later. I'm sure what he ended up thinking was "I want the next ark of this to start with a certain mood in mind" and focused more on the end of the village's stigma towards Naruto. Personally I didn't see even the slightest amount of chemistry between Naruto and Hinata, which made the movie in which they confess to each other feel like blatant fan service.

Apr 04, 19 at 2:19am



Berserk 2016 was an absolute tragedy in every way, at least it was perfect for memes. :u

Apr 04, 19 at 2:31am

I pray Vinland Saga doesnt suffer the same fate. I'd be devastated



I could see someone making that argument. The whole purpose of the movie was an attempt to explain how these two hooked up and there are more than a few fans who believe that it was an epic failure or just forced and unnecessary. I saw how these two could have developed, but Kishimoto proved beyond any shadow of a doubt that he doesn't care about romance beyond teasing shippers. He actively undermined any attempt to go in either direction. The one thing that this man understood is that the fans were in love with the possibility of a romance and not necessarily the thing itself. In other words, people like the idea of people falling in love and not necessarily seeing the characters in love. It's more about process and less about the outcome. It's very strange, but there it is.

Apr 04, 19 at 7:59am

Rem getting rejected. For once an anime to actually have the MC end up with someone unexpected would be awesome and different, but no....

Apr 04, 19 at 9:55am


no cap


Pretty much every time an anime has been made into live action


I second berserk 2016.

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